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Minecraft streamer jschlatt goes on another banning spree against Dream stans

Popular Minecraft streamer Schlatt recently removed several Dream fans from his Twitch channel. Schlatt is also known as jschlatt. Many Dream “stans” were bewildered and enraged by the ban wave. The term “stan” (used from Eminem’s song “stan”) refers to someone who is “seriously fascinated with their chosen idol.”

This seems to be the second time that this has happened. He eliminated any spectator who had a Dream SMP or Minecraft-related Twitch username using a bot to complete the task. This includes individuals whose names contained the letters dsmp, quackity, sapnap, notfound, skeppy, and other letters.

The incident occurred during one of Schlatt’s twitch streams, where he showcased a small video montage that was brought to his attention by his moderation team.

The montage contained a selection of video clips that were part of something Schlatt had asked his audience to do, send him a picture of their bedrooms, which he would then review.

As it was pointed out by the moderation team in the video compilation, however, many submissions contained pictures of the viewer’s bedroom with the L’Manberg flag in various places within it. jschaltt, who has a sour history with the Dream SMP and Dream’s fan community, revealed that he had a list of Twitch usernames for the people in the montage, and used a bot to ban them on livestream.

Since Dream kicked Schaltt off the well-liked server, his relationships with some Dream SMP members and even Minecraft itself have been tumultuous. The cause for this suspension, according to the dreamteam fandom wiki, was that he joined the SMP without Dream’s (Its owner and host) consent.

Schlatt, however, went on to become the Emperor of the city of Manberg in the server, serving as an influential member. Dream, on the other hand, is known to have claimed that he banned Schlatt because he wasn’t friends with him and didn’t hang out with him.

Before the ban, Dream also stated that people were telling him to ban Schlatt by spamming “kickshlatt” at him on Twitter.

Back in March 2019, Schlatt stopped uploading content to his main YouTube channel and started to stream on Twitch, uploading clips from his streams on his current YouTube channel, jschlattLIVE.

After about a year, however, the stopped streaming due to him not wanting to play Minecraft all the time anymore. In December 2021, however, the streamer returned to Twitch, kicking off the stream with a massive “purge” of Dream SMP fans and Dream stans.

This first banning spree had him kick about 100,000 Dream stans from his channel. As history repeated itself a few days ago with the second ban wave, the internet was divided about whether this was good or bad. Many of those who were banned were severely attacking the 22-year-old streamer, while others thought the “toxic” stans from the Dream community needed this.

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